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As important is their the he creativity that an artist or should we say a web designer should have, so is the importance of tools that a web designer uses to create. Today we discuss a few of the tools that are really great for Website designers.
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Bangle Engraving & Drilling Machine is used for acrylic, plastics Bangle engraving and drilling. features:- 1)It offers drilling and engraving on acrylic and plastics bangles. 2)It drills/ engraves bangle with different design. 3)The software is developed as per Indian market requirement. 4)Run on very high speed FPGA based motion control card. 5)Taiwan ball screw ensures the high precision of the machine. 6)The machine adopts Taiwian Hiwin linear rails with high quality which promises the reliable of X,Z with high Speed Rotary Y axis. 7)Among its many features are ease-of-use, high performance, flexibility, and low cost that give you the best LIPIMark software on the market today. LIPIMark software is developed by our highly skilled professional’s developers. 8)The software is user friendly.
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Features: 1) Gantry type strong machine. 2) Programming in g code standard. Other modes optional. 3) Support to open OrCad & Protel software file for drilling and routing. 4) Plt,Basic Dxf file support for PCB Routing. 5) Programming facility from existing job. 6) Very good strength for routing. 7) Auto vacuum suction for chip removal. 8) Full proof clamping arrangement. 9) Step and repeat for multi pasting . 10) Simulation facility for PCB drilling & Routing. 11) Drill sequence designer/ editor . 12) Pattern edit facility. 13) Developed software as per indian market requirement 14) Run on Very High Speed FPGA based Motion Control Card and other controller 15) User Friendly. Highlights: 1) High efficiency: It merely needs a few minutes to make a piece of PCB. 2) Accuracy: The min error of numerical control drill hole less than 1mil (0.025mm). 3) Automatism and convenience: Simple software hardware installation, operate the manufacturing process by striking the function keys of operation system.
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Laser Marking features : 1) It offers a non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser marking onto almost any type of material. 2) Laser marking process is Clean and Safe process –Chemical-proof, water-proof, oil, grease & fuel-proof. 3) No pre or post processing – Laser maring can be done on finished products. 4) Laser Marking is internationally Accepted as Quality Marking Standard. 5) Visible ‘Pilot’ beam shows the laser marking location for fast, accurate setup. 6) Laser marking helps significantly in cutting operating cost by reducing labor cost, tool cost, consumable cost, set up time, rejection improved cycle time. 7) One of the prime advantage of laser marking is that it can be automized and can be integrated with any online process. Use of Laser Marking : 1) With support of software variable serial numbers, batch numbers, Date Coding and 1D, 2D barcode can be laser marked. 2) Text marking with all Windows True Type Fonts. 3) Laser marking on Jwelery,Medical Instruments,Automotive,Consumer Goods,Electronics Parts and Giftware etc. 4) Using Laser Marking,Clean Plastic and Metal Surfaces. 5) Laser marking can be Engrave Deep or Fine. LIPI – Laser Marking Software : Among its many features are ease-of-use, high performance, flexibility, and low cost that give you the best laser marking software on the market today. LIPI software is developed by our highly skilled professionals developers.
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Yuuka- Couture | $950.00 Yuuka- Couture is the work of fine craftsmen synonymous to the Freya Rose brand Using intricate and unique hand embroidery techniques. We are offering huge variety of Yuuka designer bridal shoes according to customer demand in USA.
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AccuVision Inspection System features : 1) AccuVision inspection systems, with easy to use standard software, are leading the way toward zero defect quality. 2) FIS can be used to inspect Nuts,rods,washer fastener,O-ring,special parts. 3) Optional cameras are available to check for internal threads and surface imperfections. 4) Vision can be added to detect defects like missing internal threads, nylon ring presence, and missing crimp. This allows great detail of I.D. threads and the detection of very small defects like; Chips in threads, weld splatter, a single damaged thread, torn threads, reamed threads, short or missing thread(s). 5) Windows based software makes part setup easy, and allows for part storage and retrieval. 6) Developed software as per indian market requirement 7) Run on Very High Speed FPGA based Motion Control Card and other controller. 8) User Friendly Fasteners Inspection System can inspect: 1) External and Internal diameter. 2) Pitch and Thread numbers. 3) Icomplete processed articles. 4) Head crack. 5) Head height. 6) Broken pin. 7) Thread and Slanted thread. 8) Pin roundness. 9) Length.
Vision Embesoft Solution offers products/solutions for the following applications. 1) Measurements inspection. 2) Optical Character Reading (OCR) and Verification (OCV). 3) Barcode, Pharmacode and Data matrix reading. 4) Presence and Absence Verification. 5) Pattern Matching. 6) Color Image Processing. 7) Part Identifications and Counting. 8) CCTV and Security applications. 9) Vision guided robotics. We supply end-to-end solutions including pick & place, conveyors, accept/reject mechanism for different machine vision applications. Our solutions are designed using PC-based camera systems or Smart Camera depending on application requirements. 1) Smart Camera Series. 2) PC Based Inspection System. 3) Special Purpose Machines (SPM).
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