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"Social Media Manager for @GovLiquidation where we sell U.S. government and military surplus through online auctions on our website. I talk about all things surplus."
Chicago Gaming Co Inc, Arcade Legends
Trombones with cases
Sony 75M marine pack MPK-TRR underwater kit
Petoskey’s Underwater Crucifix in Lake Michigan
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Courtesy of Thoroughbred Diesel
Pelco EH8106 Surveillance Video Cameras
great for bio diesel: 8240 lbs of used cooking grease on Government Liquidation
Personnel Troop Parachutes on
Cat model 3116 diesel engines, for use in military vehicles like the M35 - Government Liquidation
Man card: REMOVED!
How Hard Is It To Drive a Tank?
Hummer (HMMWV) Vehicle Seat Parts Kit on
Aerial Shots of Iceland's Volcanic Rivers
Marine Humvees get a second life